Paul Mierzejewski, Vineyard Consultant

Our vineyard consultant is Paul J. Mierzejewski of PJM Vineyard Consulting. Paul’s vineyard experience began in 1980 when he was working on his bachelor's degree in Viticulture at California State University at Fresno. During this time he also worked at the Paul Mason Winery in the grower relations department, an opportunity that gave him valuable insight into the problems and issues facing local growers and exposure to the wide variety of grapes they produced.

Annefield Vineyards: Paul Mierzejewski on planting day.
Paul Mierzejewski on planting day.

He received his Bachelor of Science in Viticulture in 1982 and moved to Virginia, where he was given the assignment of starting up and nurturing a 40-acre vineyard. At this time, growing grapes in central Virginia for wine was a relatively new concept for this size vineyard. This venture provided him with the knowledge and experience required to make growing grapes on the East Coast financially possible.

Paul is past Vice President and Treasurer of the Virginia Vineyards Association and remains an active member. He has hosted several viticulture seminars on the technical aspects of vineyard management with Dr. Tony Wolf, State Viticulture Specialist and Dr. Bruce Zoecklein, Virginia State enologist. Paul is the Winemaker at Delfosse Vineyards & Winery in Faber, Virginia.