Joyce Rigby, Winery Consultant

Our winery consultant, Joyce Rigby of Rigby Consulting Services, has been involved in eastern viticulture since the 1980s when she and her husband, Stephen, began a vineyard and winemaking consulting firm in Virginia. She brought her experience in all aspects of vineyard establishment and management to North Carolina in 2000.

Annefield Vineyards: Joyce Rigby, hard at work.
Joyce Rigby, hard at work.

With a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering, Joyce has over 15 years’ experience in project management, cost analysis, efficient process flow, and facility layout; these skills are now applied creatively to winery planning and design. Joyce is a member of the Virginia Vineyards Association, the North Carolina Winegrowers Association, and the American Society of Enology and Viticulture Eastern Section.

While only in the planning stages, the winery is being developed with the assistance of Joyce Rigby, a vineyard and winery consultant and winemaker. Coupling her winemaking knowledge with her Industrial Engineering degree and experience, she has developed the design for several wineries in North Carolina and Virginia, including Black Wolf Vineyards, Childress Vineyards and the Buck Shoals Vineyard/Raffaldini Vineyards alternating-production facility.